Do I Really Need to Get a Physical Every Year?

Do I Really Need to Get a Physical Every Year?

Annual physicals are an important part of your long-term, preventive health care plan, and for good reason. At Primary Care Walk-In Medical Clinic, we offer routine physicals in the office for adults and children of all ages.

Our highly skilled medical team recommends that everyone stay on track with their yearly physicals to protect their health and ensure they continue to live a full, physically active life.

If it’s been more than a year since your last physical, you can stop by our clinic for a comprehensive physical, even without an appointment.

Why annual physicals are important

Annual physicals are preventive exams allowing our providers to assess your health and track any changes from one visit to the next. The exams effectively identify early warning signs of chronic illness before you start having symptoms.

For instance, if we identify high blood pressure during your physical, our providers can recommend stress reduction techniques or prescribe medications to get your pressure under control. Early treatment can lower your risk for heart disease and other complications that uncontrolled blood pressure causes.

Your yearly physical is a great time to get updates on immunizations that protect against contagious diseases like tetanus, chickenpox, and the seasonal flu. You can also speak with our physicians about lifestyle and diet changes you can make to improve your energy levels, lose weight, and optimize your overall wellness.

It’s important to note that annual physicals are different from other types of physicals. At Primary Care Walk-In Medical Clinic, we provide specialized physicals for sports, employment, and travel. We also offer US Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals required for those seeking a commercial driver’s license.

What to expect during a physical

You can expect our providers to review your personal and family medical histories at your physical. They also discuss your existing health, unusual symptoms you have, and any concerns you have about your wellness.

Your physician completes a comprehensive evaluation of your physical health and notes important details about your:

They may also order bloodwork or other diagnostic tests to screen for early signs of disease. We determine what preventive screenings you need based on your health, family history, and other risk factors for disease.

After updating your immunizations, our providers can recommend strategies you can use to optimize your health. We can suggest exercises you can do to keep your muscles strong and your energy levels high. Our providers can also suggest meal plans for you to follow to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.

At your next physical, we reevaluate your health to ensure you’re thriving physically, mentally, and emotionally. If there are any changes in your health since your last visit, our physicians can determine if you require additional diagnostic tests or treatment to support your long-term health. We can also monitor any ongoing health issues through our chronic disease management services.

Call the Primary Care Walk-In Medical Clinic near you to schedule your annual physical or book an appointment online today. 

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