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Morpheus radiofrequency (RF) treatments offer a nonsurgical way to tone, tighten, and rejuvenate the face and body. At Primary Care Walk-in Medical Clinic, with offices conveniently located in Gilbert, Fountain Hills, and Scottsdale, Arizona, the team of nonsurgical treatment experts offers the highest standard of care so you can get excellent results. To learn more about treatments for the face and body, call the office in your location or book online now.

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What are Morpheus RF treatments?

Morpheus RF treatments use radiofrequency (RF) energy and microneedling to rejuvenate the face and body.

RF energy

RF energy is thermal energy. During Morpheus treatments, it works in the deeper layers of your skin to cause a recovery response. As the RF energy heats the dermis, your body starts responding by making new collagen and elastin. 

Collagen forms a network under your skin, supporting it from below. When you notice that your face or body sags or thins in certain areas, it’s mainly because of collagen loss with age. The RF energy triggers your body to make collagen at your previous (younger) levels. 

Elastin works under the surface of your skin as well, but you notice its effects most clearly on the surface: it helps your skin bounce back fast and retain its tightness and elasticity. Just as with collagen, RF energy triggers fresh elastin growth. 


Microneedling means lightly pricking the skin using a group of very fine needles. This causes collagen and elastin remodeling on its own. But it works even better when the needles push RF energy down into the dermis. 

That’s how Morpheus treatments work: by blending these powerful technologies. 

What are the Morpheus RF treatment options? 

Primary Care Walk-in Medical Clinic offers several Morpheus treatment options, including: 


Morpheus8 treats the skin, particularly the face and neck areas. It can tighten and firm skin, help restore volume, and improve youthful appearance. 

Morpheus V

Morpheus V is made for the delicate vaginal and vulvar areas. It helps treat problems like vaginal laxity, dryness, painful sex, and lack of sensation. In addition, it treats stress incontinence in women. 

Morpheus Body

Morpheus Body treats fat deposits throughout the body, offering precise body contouring in areas like the abdomen, back, and thighs. 

How many Morpheus RF treatments do I need?

The number of treatments needed may vary by patient. In general, a series of three treatments usually stimulates collagen and elastin growth, providing a significant improvement within a few months.

Morpheus provides a way to solve challenging face and body concerns without resorting to highly invasive approaches or surgery. Primary Care Walk-in Medical Clinic provides all treatments in their offices and makes sure you’re comfortable. Call the office nearby or click to schedule online.