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With Botox® and dermal fillers, you can experience an entirely personalized “liquid face-lift,” with just a few simple injections. The highly skilled aesthetic specialists at Primary Care Walk - In Medical Clinic in Gilbert, Fountain Hills and Scottsdale, Arizona, provide both Botox and a wide range of fillers, so you can select the service that’s right for you. You can walk into either location for a Botox and fillers consultation, or you can book an appointment online or over the phone.


What is the difference between Botox and fillers?

Botox and fillers have similar outcomes (smoother skin and a younger-looking you), but each type of injectable works differently. Below are descriptions of how each type of injectable functions.


Botox is a neurotoxin injectable containing purified botulinum components. When it’s injected directly into specific muscles, Botox quickly starts blocking nerve signals, so the targeted muscles can relax. 

Because only targeted muscles are affected by Botox, surrounding muscles function normally. Your wrinkles will diminish, but you can still make your everyday facial expressions. 

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers add volume to areas prone to volume loss due to age. Fillers can also add plumpness to help contour your face and enhance your natural features. Most common dermal fillers are made of a hyaluronic acid gel, a component that attracts moisture and helps deliver nutrients to skin cells.

As the gel formulary fills in gaps and wrinkles, hyaluronic acid stays hard at work attracting water molecules, so you can achieve entirely natural-looking and feeling results. Hyaluronic acid can even help stimulate collagen production in your skin’s deepest layers, making it firmer and tighter. 

Should I get Botox or fillers?

It depends on your aesthetic goals. You may benefit from both Botox and dermal filler injections from Primary Care Walk - In Medical Clinic, which is why it’s important to talk with your practitioner about your aesthetic goals.

In general, Botox is used in areas throughout the top half of your face, like to target crow’s feet, frown lines, and forehead wrinkles. Fillers are usually reserved more for the bottom of your face to plump your lips, contour your cheeks, or resolve stubborn grooves (like nasolabial folds).  

How long do the effects of Botox and fillers last?

Botox and fillers are entirely long-lasting, so you can enjoy your youthful appearance for an extended period of time. Primary Care Walk - In Medical Clinic providers usually find that Botox offers optimal skin-smoothing results lasting approximately four months.

If you’re getting filler injections, depending on the brand and your level of volume loss, your results can last for anywhere from 12 to 24 months. Once you start noticing that your Botox or filler treatment is wearing off, you’re welcome to come back to Primary Care Walk - In Medical Clinic for additional injections. Just keep in mind that your individual results may vary. 

Find out how Botox and fillers can enhance your natural beauty by booking a consultation at Primary Care Walk - In Medical Clinic. Schedule online or over the phone today.