Hormone Therapy

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Because of age, genetics, or chronic conditions, your hormone levels can decrease or become imbalanced. But with hormone therapy services offered at Primary Care Walk - In Medical Clinic, you can restore your hormone levels and resolve any uncomfortable side effects (like weight gain or sexual dysfunction). You can come into the Gilbert, Fountain Hills and Scottsdale, Arizona, clinic locations for a walk-in hormone therapy evaluation, or you can book an exam online or over the phone.

Hormone Therapy

Why do I need hormone therapy?

Hormone therapy — also called hormone replacement therapy or HRT — can give your body a boost and replenish hormones you’re no longer producing, or are producing in smaller amounts. Your doctor may recommend hormone replacement therapy if you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Low libido
  • Hot flashes 
  • Cold sweats
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Decreased energy
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • A decrease in muscle mass
  • Poor concentration or focus
  • Weight gain or slow metabolism

Hormone therapy is one of the top treatments for women struggling with menopause issues, although men sometimes need hormone therapy, too. In any case, your hormone therapy plan is entirely tailored to you, based on your symptoms and current hormone levels (evaluated via a blood draw). 

Which type of hormone therapy do I need?

Both men and women can struggle with low thyroid hormone levels, meaning thyroid hormone therapy may be beneficial. If you’re male, your doctor may recommend testosterone hormone therapy, or if you’re female, you might need estrogen or progesterone hormone therapy. 

These medications are administered in different formularies that can be personalized to you. Your hormone therapy plan may include:

  • Vaginal suppositories or creams
  • Intramuscular injections
  • Topical gels or creams
  • Patches  

Some hormone therapy plans include bioidentical hormone pellets that are simply implanted into your hip area. Bioidentical hormones are compounded with hormones from natural sources, such as yams, and are known to closely mimic the hormones your body produces. 

No matter which type of hormone therapy treatment is right for you, the compassionate team at Primary Care Walk - In Medical Clinic works diligently to help you get relief from low hormone symptoms. 

When does hormone therapy start working?

Hormone therapy is known for working rather quickly to relieve your symptoms. With each passing day, you should start noticing that your low hormone symptoms are gradually fading away. 

Your physician at Primary Care Walk - In Medical Clinic may want you to check in after about a month or two of starting your hormone therapy treatment, just to monitor your hormone levels. The team can adjust your hormone therapy plan during this time if you’re still experiencing symptoms.

Get started on your hormone therapy plan by booking an exam at Primary Care Walk - In Medical Clinic. Schedule your visit online or call either office to speak with a team member.