Physicals - All Ages

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Between annual and work physicals for adults, and sports and school physicals for children, you need to build a relationship with a physician you can trust. At Primary Care Walk - In Medical Clinic in Gilbert, Fountain Hills and Scottsdale, Arizona, you have access to a team of compassionate physicians and medical professionals who can care for every member of your family. The practice welcomes walk-in visits if you need a physical right away. You can also book your physical online or over the phone with either location.

Physicals - All Ages

Why do I need a physical exam?

Physical exams are a routine part of your health care. In most cases, physicals are recommended annually for children and adults who are generally healthy (infants and toddlers need more frequent physicals). 

But you may also need a physical exam outside of these routine visits, possibly for: 

  • Foreign travel
  • Work or school
  • Sporting activities
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements

You may also just need a physical if you’re experiencing new symptoms that could be warning signs of chronic disease, such as breathing problems, weight changes, or frequent urination.

What happens during a physical?

Because Primary Care Walk - In Medical Clinic provides so many different types of physical exams for all ages, your evaluation is entirely personalized to you and any requirements you may have. 

Your doctor needs to know about your health history, as well as your family medical history. This is also a good time to talk with your physician about your health concerns and to get answers to all of those questions you may have.

After talking with you, your doctor may perform or request any of these tests or screenings:

  • Lab testing, including a blood draw or a urinalysis
  • Body mass index (BMI) calculation
  • Vision and hearing screening
  • Bone density screening 
  • Blood pressure reading
  • Neurological exam 
  • Heart rate check
  • Abdominal exam

If you need to lose weight, your physician can also talk with you about weight management options to help lower your risk of chronic disease. 

How often do I need a physical exam?

Generally, the leading physicians at Primary Care Walk - In Medical Clinic want you to come in for physical exams about every 12 months. If you’re on a chronic disease management plan, your doctor might want to see you more frequently — often monthly or quarterly.

If you need a physical for work, your employer should give you guidelines to follow as to how often you need a physical. DOT physicals, for example, are valid for up to 24 months. 

Infants and toddlers should have well-baby exams approximately every one to three months, then every six months once they reach 18 months of age and up until age three. After that, your child should typically have a well-child exam at Primary Care Walk - In Medical Clinic every year, usually right before the school year starts, or anytime they need sports physicals.

If you or anyone in your family needs a physical, book an appointment at Primary Care Walk - In Medical Clinic. You can conveniently schedule either online or over the phone.