What to Expect After Starting Hormone Therapy

What to Expect After Starting Hormone Therapy

When you start hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to restore balance in your hormone levels, you might first wonder how long it takes for HRT to work.

At Primary Care Walk-In Medical Clinic, our experienced medical team offers comprehensive guidance to support your HRT journey. We provide in-office bloodwork to identify a hormone imbalance and customize your HRT plan to help you find fast and lasting relief for your symptoms.

When to consider hormone replacement therapy

HRT is a treatment option for hormone imbalances that develop as you age or because of existing health conditions like a thyroid disorder.

Men can experience side effects of low testosterone as they get older, and women may develop a range of symptoms as they transition into menopause, the natural end of their childbearing years.

Because your hormones control many of your biological functions, even a slight imbalance can cause various issues that affect your quality of life. You may be a candidate for HRT if you can’t manage issues like:

A simple blood test can help our team determine if your symptoms relate to imbalanced hormones or another medical condition.

Expectations for hormone replacement therapy

If you’re a candidate for HRT, our providers can prescribe pills, creams, suppositories, injections, or patches to supplement your existing hormone levels.  

We also offer bioidentical hormone pellets that go under the surface of your skin and release a steady stream of hormones into your body. Bioidentical hormones are structurally similar to your body’s natural hormones but come from plant materials.

Our medical specialists formulate the hormones you take to your specific needs to optimize the outcome of your treatment. Some people begin to notice the benefits of HRT within a few days of starting treatment. However, it can take two weeks or longer to see the full benefit of therapy.

As your hormones level out, your energy levels and libido should increase. You should also notice more mental clarity, less frequent mood swings, and reduced night sweats and hot flashes. If you aren’t seeing a significant difference in your symptoms within two weeks, our providers can adjust the dose of hormones you take.

Timeline for hormone replacement therapy

Everyone has different health challenges and goals, so our providers can discuss how long you can expect to stay on HRT during your initial consultation.

Women who start HRT to treat menopause symptoms can continue therapy for up to five years. If you’re undergoing HRT due to medical menopause after surgical removal of the ovaries, you may be able to stay on HRT longer.

For men on HRT, our team continues to monitor the benefits of therapy over time. Provided treatment is working well for you; you can stay on it for years unless you experience negative side effects of supplemental hormones.

Treating a thyroid disorder may require the lifetime use of hormones to support your biological functions and overall wellness. 

Call the Primary Care Walk-In Clinic office near you to schedule a hormone therapy consultation or book an appointment online. You can also visit the clinic as a walk-in. 

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